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Christopher Smith left this Earth during a tragic car accident at the age of 47 on June 10, 2012 in Sandusky,Ohio. Thankfully his legacy is able to continue in the name of the Chris Smith Memorial Scholarship. Through community support, generous donations, and the annual golf scramble, we are able to keep his memory alive!  We have been able to award over $12,000 in college scholarships to Perkins High School seniors.

He truly loved everything about the Perkins School System and The Ohio State University. He was definitely proud to be both a pirate and a buckeye.  His love for his alma mater stemmed from great teachers who inspired him and the many extra curricular activities that he joined.

During his lifetime, he was a track coach, cross country coach, basketball coach, board of education member, and a pharmacist.  He wanted his athletes to be trained with the same dedication and enthusiasm as he received from his high school coaches. Out of all the “hats” he wore, coaching was definitely his passion!

He spoke very highly of the education he received at  Perkins High School. He was fortunate to receive an excellent education from amazing teachers who motivated him academically, athletically, and in the arts.  He believed that a well rounded student would excel in life and happiness.

Chris definitely loved to talk to people  He lived by example and was a 2nd father to many. He had a way with words and could light up the room with his upbeat personality and his caring ways. It is his  family’s hope that through the memorial scholarship he will always be remembered for the enthusiasm and love that he had for his Perkins community.

Coach Smith embodied Corinthians 9  24-27. He lived his everyday life with one goal in mind, to give every endeavor his 100% effort. After finding this verse written on a scratch pad in his office files I’m even more assured he knew our path of faith was not easy, but demands us to persevere, to endure, to push past our weariness, as we approach the “finish line”.

Short Sleeve Style: Xs-2XL (true to size, unisex)

Raglan/Baseball Style: XS-2XL (true to size, unisex)

Proceeds from each shirt will go toward the Chris Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund.

**Local pickup is in Milan, OH**  We have one initial shipment in, but have more on their way.  Pending on size ordered--it could take 1-3 weeks to receive your t-shirt.


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