Abby Bastien | SEE THE GOOD

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Honoring Abby:

Positivity, smiles, laughter, joy—the initial thoughts of so many when they recall their time with Abby. Despite the challenge of being a student-athlete, working in a research lab, and participating in school and community organizations, Abby still managed to radiate contagious happiness because she chose to see the good. She recognized that there are different sources of joy in each day, such as a new discovery in the lab, a meal with friends, or reaching a goal in a workout. When she needed to make late night trips to the library, she would spend the walk across campus by calling a loved one and sharing a funny story. When she was injured and side-lined from a track and field meet, she would hobble around the field on her boot or crutches to cheer on teammates. It doesn’t matter if you knew Abby for her entire life or only a day, any time she saw a friend the greeting was genuinely enthusiastic and heartfelt. This is because no matter the distractions in life, she saw the good by making connections with others. Abby stands as a role model to not worry about what cannot be changed, and instead work toward what you can, even if that is just brightening someone’s day. Her life proves that it is always possible to make time to live and laugh with loved ones, because it truly is where the most meaningful moments of life are found. And thanks to the incredible impression that Abby had on so many, we too can see the good that she left behind.

  • Adult Sizes: XS-2XL (True to size)
  • Color: Baby Blue and white design

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